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DR. Nupur Satija
DR Nupur Satija
BDS, MDS (Oral Medicine & Radiology) PGDHHM, Dentistry
13+ years of experience
Suwaiq (Oman)

About DR Nupur Satija

Dr. Nupur Satija is a highly experienced General Dentist who has been working in Oman since 2016. She has vast experience as a General Dentist as well as an Oral Physician and Maxillofacial Radiologist. Aside from RCTs, extractions, alveoloplasty, crowns & bridges, she is also an expert in complete & partial dentures, veneers, pulp capping and restorations.  She has been engaged in Head & Neck Radiography, diagnosis, prevention & treatment of potentially Malignant Lesions & associated Conditions. She has attended numerous conferences and presented a number of award-winning presentations too. She has also participated in several Screening and Treatment Camp

Excellence & Experience

Area of excellence
  • Night guard for Bruxism
  • Treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity
  • Potentially Malignant Lesions & Conditions, Oral Cancer, Cysts and Tumours
  • TMJ Disorders, Orofacial Pain & Different Lesions of Oral Cavity
  • Infections/lesions of oral cavity and head and neck region
  • Incisional and excisional Biopsy
  • Head & Neck Radiography
  • RCT, Re –RCT, Post and Core, Pulpectomy /Pulpotomy, Apexification
  • Extractions including 3 rd molars, Hemisection, Alveoloplasty
  • Scaling- Root Planing & Curettage, Treatment of dry socket
  • Pulp Capping, Tooth coloured restorations
  • Crowns & Bridges
  • Complete & Partial Dentures
  • Veneering & Laminates
  • Teeth whitening
Level of Experience
  • Dr Nupur Satija has a valuable experience of more than 13 years in the field of Dentistry.
  • She has practiced General Dentistry, Aesthetic Dentistry & has worked as an Oral Physician and Maxillofacial Radiologist.

Awards & Academics

List of awards
Academics Details
  • MDS (Dental Surgery-Oral Medicine and Radiology) - Mahatma Gandhi Dental College and Hospital, MGUMST, Jaipur - 2014
  • PGDHHM (PG Diploma in Hospital and Healthcare Management) - Symbiosis Centre of Healthcare, Pune - 2011
  • BDS - Dr Syamala Reddy Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore - 2006

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